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It’s no longer enough to simply do content marketing. If you are developing an exit strategy, the confidential document we will deliver to you will help start to formulate your thinking.

Young Businesswomen

Business Evaluation Services is a full-service market, guest satisfaction, and compliance audit company. We specialize in mystery shopping and guest satisfaction measurement services for nearly every industry.

It has always had the goal and mission of developing partnerships with each customer they serve, ensuring the data they receive is accurate, actionable, and reflective, with the overall goal of providing its customers with the information they need to drive sales, and develop a strong service culture within their organizations.


Joseph Adout

Founder & CEO

BIZ MASTER is a Canadian leader in online business for sales advertisers. We deal with both franchise and independent establishments all across Canada at a wide array of prices.

Whether you are a private seller or an agent interested in selling your Toronto business, Biz Master is here for you.

You can rest assured of the best price for your Toronto business and that too with minimum fuss and confusion.


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